EAS Power Team

Greg Murray
Founder and CEO

Greg has been working with advanced battery systems, solar and electric drive components professionally since 2005. Advancements in battery and electric drive technology have become a true passion for Greg.  He proudly leads EAS into this exciting and rapidly evolving industry.


Tyler Rhodes
Director of Technology

Tyler holds a bachelors degree in electrical engineering from the University of Victoria and a diploma in electronics engineering from Camosun College.  With his passion for electric vehicle technology, tyler has become an integral part of EAS Power and is leading the technical team as we develop energy storage systems and propulsion units for electric buses and aircraft.


Laurie Murray

Laurie is our professional book-keeper and an electronic document management expert. When Laurie is not on her bike, in the pool or out for a run she is busy keeping EAS Power in the Black!



Robert Shaw

Rob is an electrical engineer with a broad range of electrical and energy storage experience. Rob has been working with EAS from the very beginning  and is committed to developing solutions which reduce carbon emissions. Rob is based in Vancouver and one of the cornerstones of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association.


Cody Harmeson
Cody is a Red Seal certified Journeyman electrician. EAS Power Inc. is now entering the home energy and solar energy storage market. Cody is leading this charge and insuring that best practices are followed. EAS Power Inc. supplies solar+battery power systems as well as protected lithium battery packs for home and commercial use.