Electric Bus and Truck Conversions

EAS Power has designed a complete conversion system for buses and trucks up to 40 feet. We integrate advanced components and technologies with proven vehicle platforms. The result is a cost-effective solution that drastically reduces operational expenses and improves the customer experience.

Current Project: Electro Decker

We are currently converting a diesel double-decker to electric drive for Sightseeing Victoria. The big TM4 motor will be an impressive sight under the “bonnet”!

  • Rear end stripped and ready for electrification

Past Project: Mini Coach

The propulsion system in this 30′ International IC bus is a direct drive, 250KW electric motor and inverter. The 130KWH battery pack is insulated with active thermal management. 140 temperature sensors feed a microprocessor to control liquid heating or cooling of the battery pack. This ensures optimal conditions for the batteries at all times, in all environmental conditions.

  • Driver display console