CALB lithium batteries

CALB LiFePo4 cells are among the highest quality lithium phosphate batteries on the market. They are manufactured under very strict tolerances and we have found the consistency from cell to cell to be very high. Consistency is very important to the life and performance of a battery pack. Cells that are not produced under strict quality control will have variances in capacity and performance. This will result in a pack which becomes unbalanced over time and will reduce the life of the entire pack.  

These cells can be configured for many applications and offer maintenance free performance for many years. CALB stands behind these batteries and offers and industry leading 3 year/ 2000 cycle performance warranty.  

These larger capacity cells are shipped individually with matching connectors and terminal bolts. These cells are ideal for lower voltage but high capacity battery banks. House batteries for boats/RV's and solar storage in homes are ideal applications.  For large banks the cells can be put in parallel packs which creates "super cells" that can be monitored as one large cell. When combined with the Orion BMS system a CALB battery bank will offer years of reliable performance.

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