Past EV projects

Below are some of our past projects:

Corbin Sparrow re-power
Electra Mechanica is a Vancouver based electric vehicle company which plans to produce an all electric single seat model from the ground up. EAS supplied and installed most of the electrical components to update the first sparrow prototype. This little vehicle is very quick, powered by 144V 60AH GBS battery pack, Orion BMS and a TS2500W charger. 
Many of the components we supplied have now made there way into a production vehicle called the SOLO.



1958 Electric Chevy  Apache:

A true electric Hot Rod!  "Retro Electro"  

Specs: 100Hp, 490 foot pounds of torque. Azure Dynamics AC90 drive system,direct drive,  96x LiFePo4 160AH batteries, Custom BMS controling 3000W PFC charger.  NEW, high voltage Cycle Analyst, All of the electrical systems were wired and tested at our shop in Vancouver .

Retro Electro Links: Steamwhistle BrewingPress & video,


2002 GMC Sonoma:


This truck started life as a simple 4cyl medium sized pick-up from a GMC factory.  It has a manual gearbox, manual windows, and it's ideal for a conversion due to many factors: It can support the added weight, there's plenty of room to fit the components, and much support for these trucks.  This lucky truck was selected due to it's low mileage and clean condition.  It's barely been used.

The conversion: With the engine removed, as well as all the supporting equipment, there's a ton of room under these trucks.  96 X 100Ah Thundersky LiFePO4 cells, for a 318V traction pack, giving a total of nearly 26kWh. 

The drivetrain is an AC-55 from Azure Dynamics, paired with Azure's matching water cooled controller.  Specs are impressive, with peak torque at 280 N-m.


1985 VW Vanagon:

Our first "E-DUB" 

This particular VW van is a Vanagon, circa 1985.  It has been stripped of it's 4cyl gas engine, and has recieved a host of EV components.  The motor is a Warp 9" from NetGain, Curtis 550A DC controller (put in after two  failed ligisystems one resulting in fire!) powered by 12 X 12V flooded lead acid batteries, 144V nominal.  Twin chargers made by DeltaQ, Cycle Analyst E-meter, 1000W inverter, custom ignition. 

Range is not a priority for this Van as it only has short distances to cover with plenty of charge time available.  This van has made many a trip up and down the steep hills of North Vancouver and has proven to be reliable. Lithium will soon transform this vehicle and give it much more power and range.