GBS Lithium batteries


Why GBS? Safe, reliable, proven chemistry

EAS is an official distributor for GBS LFMP lithium batteries 

 GBS batteries are manufacturered by GB Systems in Ningbo China, formerly Ningbo Thundersky. Chemistry is LiFeMnPO4. These are the first cells to have passed China's certification tests for on road use, which requires the cell to not catch fire or explode when dropped, over discharged, over charged, baked, frozen, crushed or pierced with a steel rod. In addition to the safety of the chemistry the cell itself offers several other safety features such as the terminal design which uses 4 small screws instead of one large bolt. This gives a more even down force and eliminates the possibility of the connection coming loose and rotating. The cells also includes a cell cover where the terminal jumpers and BMS boards install under neath. The assembled pack is protected from the dropped screw driver problem.

Below: This image shows a Winston/Thundersky 100AH battery beside a GBS 100AH. The GBS batteries are 10% lighter and 10% smaller. 

The photos below show how the EMS (energy management system) sense boards are in a daisy chain configuration. This makes installation very simple. The sense boards equalize the cell voltages and monitor individual cell temp and voltage. Cell data is sent to the ECU through the data cable. The ECU displays accurate voltage current and state of charge information on the 3" LCD screen included in the package. The ECU also integrates, HVC (high voltage cut)  and LVC (Low voltage cut) alarm outputs which disconnect charge and discharge circuits. This is the most complete large format, lithium battery system available on the market today and the only system which is supported as a package. (not just a bunch of individual components!!) 

All battery packages include the components shown below. This system shown below is 96Volts 100AH. Components include: 32 GBS LFMP (very similar to LiFePo4) , current shunt, intelligent dedicated charger, ECU (main control module for the system), LCD display with mount, 8x sense board strings (installed on batteries)


Shown below is the 200AH 3rd gen design with terminals on opposite ends which makes current density much more even in the cell. This design enables lower internal resistance and allows for continuous high current discharge. Also low temperature performance is better, 90% at -20°C whereas other cells are at about 75% or less at this temperature.