Miata Conversion

1991 Miata MX-5 EV
Updated Jan 2016

Our Miata now has almost 15000 Electric KM's with very few issues. It is a daily driver for Greg in Victoria. The range is about 120KM and it is a blast to drive. 

Our test Miata was re-built using our 5MT Electric Miata conversion kit. This kit retains the manual transmission connected to the HPEVS AC motor.  The 5 speed electric Miata is so fun to drive. Lots of torque and it revs up like a sports car should. The one big advantage of the new design is that there are no batteries in the trunk of the car. 50/50 balance is retained and the trunk is still useable.  The batteries are distributed evenly, 2x24V (8 cell)  modules in the fuel tank location and 2x 24V modules under the hood. Battery modules are installed easily with two quick connectors per module.

Under the hood,  Front 2x 160AH 24V lithium battery modules installed. The motor  is located

under the battery box and component shelf`












Installing mid battery modules and a look at the new J1772 inlet. Charging at a Chargepoint station