Energy storage & E-mobility solutions.

EAS Power Inc. has supplied large format, lithium battery systems, world-wide, since 2007. We specialize in lithium cells and modules, battery management systems (BMS), charging solutions and high performance electric propulsion systems.

EAS has developed a state of the art thermal management system for large battery packs.  Our large format modules ( 20kwh+) are monitored and managed at the cell level and cooled or heated by an independent micro-controller. This advancement creates ideal conditions in all environments. Accurate thermal management results in higher power for continuous operation and longer battery life.  Design life of EAS lithium battery modules is 10 years or 6000 charge cycles.

We build large format battery systems for energy storage and propulsion applications using LiFePo4 and NMC lithium cells.  Please contact us to discuss your project.

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