Our mission:

Support customer projects by supplying electric vehicle consulting, design and engineering services.  

What do we do?

We specialize in the engineering and design of electric propulsion and  lithium battery systems. This involves the integration of all necessary systems including motor, controller, operator interface, instrumentation, BMS, TMS, HVAC , and charging. 

Who we are?

EAS Power was started in 2009 by Greg Murray. Greg had a passion for modifying and tuning turboed gasoline vehicles and found himself at the gas station allot. Production EV’s were not available yet and the suppliers were just starting to build motors capable of propelling a car. The availability of LiFePo4 batteries from China mad it possible to re-power a small vehicle and have decent performance. The rest is history. The first In-house conversion was a 1991 BRG Mazda Miata purchased for $2300.00. About a year of design, fabrication and labour combined with 20K + and the electric Miata was on the road. This vehicle is still on the road with many new parts and modifications over the years. It has been a test vehicle for EAS Power and many of the components we have  integrated onto the Miata were used in Car, boat and bus projects more recently. 

  In the beginning the goal was the same as it is today. To help customers re-power to clean electric drive. We started off converting a few vehicles from gasoline to electric. We also worked with different transmission technologies and were one of the first companies who was researching smaller electric drive motors combined with CVT transmissions. 

After a couple of bus projects we are now focusing on Marine propulsion and with our Partners Templar Marine, Vector Power boats and others we will build the next generation of marine propulsion systems for new and retrofit applications. .