Electric Aircraft

EAS POWER supplies components, integration support and consulting for electric aircraft projects.

Latest news?
We successfully delivered a feasibility study and consulted to Harbour Air, the largest seaplane airline in the world. The customer is now working towards the first all electric flight.

Powerful and light electric motors are now available for aircraft. These air/liquid cooled motor have incredible power density. We can supply and configure the EMRAX 348 shown below. This super powerful motor can be stacked for more power and operates at an ideal RPM to turn a propeller.  This motor is 98 % efficient with 200HP continuous 400HP peak. Three stacked would be suitable for an aircraft like the De Havilland Beaver.

What are we working on?
We are now in the design phase and will install this motor in a 2-3 seat experimental STOL (short takeoff and landing) aircraft. Stay tuned as we progress with this project.

Our goal is to supply battery packs and propulsion packages for electric aircraft that are safe, lightweight and  reliable.