Powerful drive systems

In order to demonstrate the safety and performance of our lithium battery packs and drive systems, we have undertaken two prototype electric bus conversions. For these re-power projects, we have partnered with Landsea Tours (Vancouver, BC) and Wilson’s Transportation.(Victoria, BC)  

Recently completed project: Electric 1977 Leyland Decker

We are finished converting a diesel double-decker to electric drive for Wilson’s Transportation. It will feature 350kW of power at 590V from four battery packs mounted at the rear of the bus. The bus is scheduled to enter service summer 2020. 

Past Project: Electric 25 Passenger Mini Coach

The propulsion system in this 30′ International IC bus is a direct drive, 250kW electric motor and inverter. The 130kWh battery pack is insulated with active thermal management. 140 temperature sensors feed a microprocessor to control liquid heating or cooling of the battery pack. This ensures optimal conditions for the batteries at all times, in all environmental conditions.

  • Driver display console


Electric vehicles offer a smoother, quieter ride with less emissions and lower operating costs compared to a gasoline or diesel car. They also require less maintenance as there are fewer moving parts.

Not at this time. We do not have the capacity for any conversions as we complete the Electric Decker project. However, we are open to discuss future projects involving the conversion of collector vehicles.

Generally, conversions are not done if saving money is the primary goal. A more cost-effective decision is to purchase an electric vehicle such as a Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Bolt.

4 – 6 months.

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