EAS Power History

EAS Power started as EAS Electric Autosports Inc. In Vancouver Canada in 2008. The business was started by Greg Murray with the goal of demonstrating that electric vehicles were the future and converting gas vehicles to EV’s was possible. We decided to start by converting a Mazda MX-5 Miata to battery electric using the first available lithium batteries. A grant from the National Research Council allowed us to experiment with CVT transmissions and newly available AC electric motors for small road vehicles. After a handful of drives and a handful of burnt up drive belts we connected the electric motor back to the transmission and the vehicle has been this way until 2020 when the LiFePo4 batteries were removed and replaced with Nissan leaf modules. 19KWH.

Pretty bad video the early days testing.

Our tiny and ugly shop was at that time one of only places offering EV conversion services in Western Canada. After some word of mouth advertising the first client came in the door and needed a van to give people rides from his guest houses.

Next came the electric 1956 Chev Truck for Steam Whistle brewing.