Lithium Batteries

EAS Power has been supplying and building lithium battery systems since 2008. Our battery module designs integrate the latest battery technology with sophisticated monitoring and management of each cell.


Suitable for all Industries

EAS Power battery packs can be used for large vehicles, industrial equipment, commercial energy storage, experimental aircraft, backup power and more. Packs can be customized to meet your size and power requirements.

Safe and Reliable

We use Electrovaya lithium-ion cells that utilize a ceramic separator, increasing safety and cycle life. These cells have a lifespan of 6000 cycles. A battery management system (BMS) protects the lithium batteries against undesired temperature, voltage, and current conditions. The BMS can connect to wi-fi for real-time, remote monitoring of each cell, optimizing the life and performance of the battery module.

Designed for any Environment

We use an advanced thermal management system to ensure every cell remains at a safe temperature at all times. Packs can function between temperatures of 0-40°C. This range can be further extended with the addition of liquid heating. Our battery packs are also waterproof, meaning they can be used in an outdoor environment.