Special Projects

EAS Power has provided consulting, engineering, and system design for custom high-end electric vehicles and stationary power systems. We have helped companies and individuals re-power gasoline and diesel vehicles with clean, quiet, and powerful electric drive systems for over 10 years.

Retro Electro: Collector Truck Conversion

This 1958 Chevrolet Apache was converted to electric drive for Steam Whistle Brewery in 2011. The truck has 24 lithium batteries, produces 465 lbs-ft of torque and has a range of 150 km. It is currently used as a delivery vehicle in Toronto.

Electric Miata

EAS Power converted this 1991 Mazda Miata to electric as part of an NRC Research Project in 2010. The Miata uses LiFePo4 batteries which produce 96 volts and power a 51.2 kW 3-phase AC drive system. It also features an Orion battery management system. Originally, a CVT transmission was installed but it has since been removed in favour of a manual transmission. Since conversion, the Miata has driven 22 000 electric kilometres.

‌Other Projects

Lithium house battery upgrade for yacht
Solar electric sailboat
“Behind the meter” solar and storage residential system

Electric vehicles offer a smoother, quieter ride with less emissions and lower operating costs compared to a gasoline or diesel car. They also require less maintenance as there are fewer moving parts.

Not at this time. We do not have the capacity for any conversions as we complete the Electric Decker project. However, we are open to discuss future projects involving the conversion of collector vehicles.

Generally, conversions are not done if saving money is the primary goal. A more cost-effective decision is to purchase an electric vehicle such as a Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Bolt.

4 – 6 months.

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